3 Reasons to choose a Pacific Mexican resort instead of a Caribbean one

Puerto Vallarta ViewFor those along the west coast of the US or Canada, it’s an obvious choice to head to a Pacific resort area in Mexico because it’s closer and cheaper to reach. For most of the rest of North America, they tend to choose Cancun or one of the areas nearby like the Riviera Maya. But even if you aren’t on the west coast, there are some really good reasons why you should consider the Pacific.

1 – It’s more the real Mexico

You may or may not realize that Cancun itself literally didn’t even exist until the early 1970s. Sure, there were a few small towns like Tulum to its south, but otherwise it was just a big patch of sand on the coast. So now when you visit everything you’ll see has been specifically created to deal with the tourist boom that followed.

In other words, Cancun and most of the resort areas nearby could be anywhere in the world, so you don’t get anything authentic of Mexico. On the other hand, on the west coast there were large and lovely cities where all the main resorts are now, especially Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. You can have a wonderful time at your all-inclusive resort, and spend a few hours walking around historic colonial town centers or even touring authentic tequila distilleries. It’s like visiting another culture instead of visiting a theme park.

2 – The weather is better and more reliable in the west

While all of the main resort areas in Mexico are in the tropics, so temperature fluctuations aren’t much of a problem, they do have different weather patterns in other ways. Think about the east coast of the US compared to the west coast of the US. In southern California, temperatures are stable and storms are rare, but in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolines, they get hit by big storms every winter.

Of course it’s worse during hurricane season, which mostly runs from July through October. There is a hurricane that hits Mexico’s (huge) Pacific coast about once every 10 or 15 years, while they hit the Caribbean coast every year or two.

3 – Sunsets are better on vacation than sunrises

I’ve discovered that not everyone thinks about this part, but it’s interesting to all. If you stay in an all-inclusive resort in Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta then you’ll get a beatiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean every night to celebrate from your hotel balcony. In Cancun you get beautiful sunrises to celebrate, as long as you wake up by 6am every day or so.

The sunsets along Cancun beaches are frustrating since the tall hotels cast long shadows out over the sand a couple hours before the sun goes down, and the sun itself usually sets over the parking lot. If you are on the fence, this is one of the things that should help convince you that the Pacific coast is worth a try at least once.