How to find resorts with no annoying kids

St BarthsFor some reason it’s sort of taboo to ask about hotels and resorts that have few or no children. Some people think we are monsters for not appreciating the screams and cries of their little tikes around the pool or in the restaurants. The thing is, parents have the ability to tune out the screaming and crying because they are around it all the time, while it can practically ruin the day of those of us who don’t currently have young ones running around.

So if you want to find a resort with few or no children you are not alone and you are not a monster. One extra complication is that when you ask about “adult resorts” some people, including search engines, thing we mean nudist or swinger resorts, when all we want is some peace and quiet.

3 Tips to find resorts with no annoying kids

Almost no resorts actually ban younger children or infants, but many are set up so only the worst parents would bring their flock there. It’s a matter of deciding where you want to go and then scanning the resorts to find the ones that are not at all child-friendly.

1 – Avoid hotels with Kids Clubs

If you don’t have children you might not even be aware that most resorts of any size seem to have a special area for children between the ages of 5 and 15 or so. They are almost all called Kids Clubs and needless to say, they are the best indicator that a resort is catering to the family crowd. You should also look for things like table tennis and game rooms and if you don’t see anything in the activity list that children would enjoy, there’s a good chance it’s an adults resort.

2 – Avoid hotels with babysitting services

Another thing you might just ignore if you aren’t a parent is whether a hotel has babysitting services. Obviously these are there for kids too young for the Kids Club. Even if a resort doesn’t have a Kids Club, if it has babysitting services that means that it’s child friendly on purpose.

3 – Read the reviews of the resorts with neither of the above

Okay, so you’ve started with say, 100 resorts in Cancun or Montego Bay and you’ve found some in your price range that have neither a Kids Club or babysitting services. The next step is to read the recent guest reviews of those resorts and usually within the first 10 you’ll find someone commenting about whether there were many kids or families there or not.

Again, many resorts are popular because they cater to adults only and they tend to purposely make it tough on families. Invariably there are a few families who don’t get the message and book there anyway, perhaps so they don’t have to listen to other people’s kids screaming, but usually they have a rotten time.

Read the reviews and you’ll find at least a few that say there were no kids around or that the resort is a bad choice for families and such. Once you find those you can be reasonably sure that you’ll have very few if any kids staying at the same time you are there.