All-inclusive country club resort in Florida from $300 per night per couple

When most of us think about all-inclusive resorts we typically think about Mexico or elsewhere in the Caribbean, but it’s a growing trend in the United States as well. Here’s an excellent deal at a resort that is attached to a country club near Fort Lauderdale starting around $300 per night for two people.

In this economy most of us aren’t ready to join a country club ourselves, or even move to a house that is attached to one, so this is a fantastic opportunity to live like a big-shot for a week or so, and not have to worry about going broke in the process.

Country club chic

The Inverrary All Inclusive Vacation Resort has 207 rooms so it’s not one of those mega-resorts that feels like being herded around a cruise ship. It sits adjacent to the Inverrary Country Club, so guests feel like members, or at least guests of members. Each room has a private balcony with a view of the golf course, tennis court, or swimming pool, so you can taste the luxury every time you look out the window.

The all-inclusive plans at the Inverrary actually include all meals and drinks (alcohol too), so the $300 room rate per couple is a far better deal than you might first think. Considering that a couple can easily spend $200 per day on 3 meals and just a few drinks, it’s easy to see that the price here is very moderate for a country-club resort.

Golf can be all-inclusive too

If you are specifically looking for a golfing vacation then this resort is quite a find as well. For prices starting around $480 per night per couple you get daily rounds of golf in addition to everything else. That adds up to around $90 per person per day for the round of golf, which might sound like a lot at a municipal course, but at a country club the $90 per round is a bargain.

Fort Lauderdale is easy and cheap to reach

Not only does Fort Lauderdale have the same tropical climate you’d find in Nassau or Turks and Caicos, it’s far cheaper and easier to reach. You can get a cheap flight there from almost anywhere in the United States, and most are non-stop as well.

If you don’t see a great deal into Fort Lauderdale Airport then check Miami Airport, which is only 30 miles away or so and has many other airlines flying in nonstop. The difference in taxi fare is tiny and if you are renting a car it’s maybe a 20-minute difference, so just pick the cheaper airport and book your flight.