Antigua is the best all-inclusive luxury bargain island

If you’ve traveled around the Caribbean much you are aware that each island is different, and also tends to attract a different type of visitor. The Bahamas are so close to Florida that they get many people on weekend trips, and it’s somewhat expensive as well, so you don’t get many cheapskates there.

Those looking for the cheapest possible resorts will go to Cancun or the Dominican Republic or Jamaica, because that’s where almost all of the lowest rates can be found. But do you know where you can go to get a low rate on an island that mostly attracts rich people? If you read the headline, you realize the answer is Antigua and Barbuda.

Expensive regular hotels with some cheap all-inclusives nearby

Out of the 32 most popular Caribbean destinations, Antigua is the 26th most expensive for regular hotels. St Barts is the most expensive in case you were curious, but Antigua isn’t too far behind. Most of the top islands by price don’t even have all inclusive hotels, partly because the wealthiest people tend to be less interested in them. But Antigua has several nice ones, with nightly prices that are only a bit higher than normal hotel prices.

On that island, a 3-star hotel starts at around US$180 per night with no meals included, but the all-inclusive resorts start only at around US$210 per night for two people. As we’ve discussed before, you should figure a minimum of about US$100 per day for food and drinks for two people, and that would make the room itself only US$110 per night, on one of the most exclusive islands in the Caribbean.

On Antigua you’ll find resorts such as Jolly Beach All Inclusive Resort in Bolans, Cocobay Hotel All Inclusive Resort in Valley Church, and Coconut Beach Club All Inclusive Resort in St John’s. The Jolly Beach is the one with rooms starting at US$210 per night, and it’s a lovely 3-star resort in a nice area.

So think about how much money you save compared to a normal hotel and you’ll realize that these are fantastic bargains for a luxury island. In other words, in Cancun you might be able to find cheap meals and drinks that would only cost US$100 per day for two people, but imagine instead you are in Miami Beach, where a breakfast will cost at least $15 at any hotel, and most drinks cost at least $10 each. Antigua is more like Miami Beach, so being able to indulge in wonderful food and unlimited drinks is tremendous value. There are cheaper islands, but none that are nearly as nice.