Cheapest all-inclusive Caribbean islands

There are about 30 different Caribbean islands and island groups that have a tourist industry on them, and many people wonder which are the cheapest and which are the most expensive. Fortunately for us, someone has done the research and come up with a list of cheapest Caribbean islands, so we’ll give you the highlights below.

The list is based on 3-star hotels and flights from New York City because those are standard ways to compare all of them. Since all-inclusive hotels can be found on all of them, the list is very close to exact for these kinds of accommodations as well. The best deals in the Caribbean are the all-inclusive hotels in these locations, so those on low budgets should start here.

8 Cheapest Caribbean island destinations for all-inclusive resorts

1 – Cancun

Okay, so this isn’t exactly an island, but it is a remote beach area that feels like an island. The reason it makes this list is that it’s definitely the cheapest resort area in the Caribbean. Better still, the busy airport has cheap flights from all over as well.

2 – Negril, Jamaica

Of the 3 most popular resort areas in Jamaica, Negril is the cheapest. It’s down on the west coast, about a 90-minute ride from the main airport in Montego Bay. And again, flights to Montego Bay tend to be cheap from everywhere.

3 – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Actually, the resorts on Puerto Rico aren’t really the cheapest in most cases, but the flights to San Juan are amazingly cheap, so especially for shorter stays you can get some great package deals with all-inclusive plus airfare. For stays of a week or longer there are cheaper choices.

4 – Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Extremely popular with Europeans as well as Americans and Canadians, Puerto Plata is a fantastic bargain for Caribbean resorts. The flights aren’t quite as cheap as to the ones above, but the low hotel rates make up for it on stays of at least 4 nights.

5 – Barbados

A surprising entry, perhaps, Barbados is a smaller and more exotic island than the ones mentioned above, yet it’s still quite cheap and an excellent bargain. The flights tend to be cheaper than you’d expect as well.

6 – Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Another resort area within a short drive of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios is a bit more upscale than Negril, and it’s on a north-facing beach that has some of its own advantages. Those Montego Bay flights are cheap, as mentioned before.

7 – St Lucia

Here’s another that many people assume is very expensive, but it actually has many very reasonably priced all-inclusive resorts. This is another small island that is exotic and popular with cruise ships, but the flights are pretty cheap so it’s a great choice for those flying in too.

8 – Grand Bahama, Bahamas

Cheaper than Nassau and much closer to people in Florida, Grand Bahama Island is where you’ll find the city of Freeport, and quite a few very affordable all-inclusive resorts. Many Florida residents fly over for the weekend many times per winter thanks to cheap flights and cheap hotels.