Save 30% off one of the finest all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean

Regular readers of this blog know very well that we usually concentrate on the cheaper places because it’s much harder to find good quality in the lowest price range. But today’s feature is about a great deal at one of the best all-inclusive resorts in the entire Caribbean.

The LaSource Resort on Grenada is conservatively rated at 4 stars, but that’s just the beginning of the story. Right now you can get rooms there for only US$511 per night for two, which is 30% off the normal rate of $730. It’s not common to get big discounts on the high-end places on the most exclusive islands, so this is a great deal worth looking into.

The deal

A Luxury Ocean View room at the LaSource Resort in St. George’s Grenada for US$511 per night for two people, all-inclusive.

The details

This rate is available for stays of 5 nights or longer for selected dates in the coming months on our booking partner, It’s for an Luxury Ocean view room, and a Luxury Oceanfront room is only US$553 per night for two.

Amazing location on an exclusive island

You may not realize it but Grenada is one of the most expensive of all the Caribbean islands, and there are simply no cheap resorts at all. For this reason the rich and famous enjoy coming here because they’ll be away from the package tourists that are looking for the cheapest hotels. And Grenada is also expensive because it’s incredibly nice, which is why the finest resorts are built there.

The LaSource all-inclusive resort has only 100 rooms, but it has 5 restaurants, which tells you a lot about the sort of place it is. The all-inclusive package is very generous with food and alcoholic drinks, though a few premium items are available for those in the mood to celebrate. Even scuba diving excursions are included in the room price, which is very rare anywhere in the world.

Rooms each come with a balcony and have premium bedding, refrigerators, bathrobes, and many luxury bathroom amenities. You also get an in-room safe, a coffee maker, and daily turndown service included in the rate.

5-star reviews tell the story

Just reading about the features and amenities can tell you something about any resort, but you can’t tell anything about guest satisfaction until you’ve read the reviews. I’ll save you the trouble while I invite you to look for yourself, but the LaSource Resort averages an amazing 5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor with almost 500 reviews. This is unheard of in all but the finest resorts, so you see that the higher price does get you a lot.

Consider that the 5-star review average is not only for the facilities and the rooms, but for guest expectations after they’ve checked out. In other words, pretty much every guest is extremely happy after their visit, and thought it offered good value in spite of being one of the more expensive resorts in the Cairibbean. If you are looking for the best, this might be it.