St. Lucia ocean view room at all-inclusive water park resort for US$283 per night

I hope you are sitting down as you read this, as this is one of the most enticing deals we’ve ever had the privilege of bringing you. So getting right to it, you can now get a Splash Deluxe Ocean View room at the all-inclusive Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa for only US$283 per night for two people. The normal rate on this is US$629 per night, but near the end of the high season they are slashing rates for those wise enough to wait it out.

St. Lucia is certainly one of the nicer Caribbean islands, more popular with cruise passengers than resort goers, but it has lovely beaches and plenty to keep you busy. This is a big step above the cheaper resort areas in Dominican Republic and Cancun, so take that into account when you are deciding whether to book this one or not.

The Deal

A Splash Deluxe Ocean View room at the all-inclusive Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa for only US$283 per night for two people. A Premium Ocean View Room is only US$317 per night, while a Harmony Premium Ocean View (for adults only) is only US$327 per night. This is a 55% savings off normal rates.

The Details

This rate is available through Expedia, our booking partner, and it includes free cancellation. There is no minimum stay required to qualify, so you can go for a long weekend if you wish.

Two resorts in one, seriously

Many hotels claim to be two resorts in one, but this one really delivers on it. On the Splash side of the resort they have a water park and full family facilities, while the Harmony side of the resort is reserved for adults only. There are four swimming pools, 3 à la carte restaurants, 6 bars, a buffet restaurant, and a day/night children’s club all included in the rate.

This makes the resort uniquely ideal for groups of mixed families. Obviously the families with children will stay in the Splash side of the hotel, but if there are any couples who are coming along who prefer more of a quiet atmosphere they can get a room at the Harmony side. The children can’t visit the Harmony side, which makes it perfect for those who want to sit by the pool without watching cannonball practice or a loud Marco Polo game. But the adults staying in the Harmony side can come over to the Splash side to meet for meals and such, knowing they can always go back to the serenity whenever they please.

Great reviews and reputation

This 3.5-star resort on the beach in St. Lucia gets a 4 out of 5 rating from Expedia’s verified reviews. For this room rate that is above average, so you can book knowing that it’s a solid performer among previous guests. They also get a 85% rating of guests recommending it to others, which is another high mark.

The problem with many cheaper resorts is that they were built in the 1970s and barely updated since, so guests feel like they are staying in a highway motel that happens to be near the beach. The better places, like this one, keep updating and adding features with the times, which is why they have such strong reviews and ratings.