Stay 7 nights at an all-inclusive in Negril and get free flights

In the world of online travel booking it’s easy to assume that you can save the most money by booking the cheapest flight yourself and the cheapest resort yourself, but honestly the package deals are still going to be far better in most cases.

Today we are highlighting one such example, which is a very nice 3-star resort in Negril, Jamaica called the Samsara Hotel. They have good rooms starting at around $60 per night, but if you go for the all-inclusive plans it’s around $160 per night for a couple. That’s only $50 a day per person for 3 meals, all drinks, and all of the water sports and activities, so that’s a pretty good deal for people ready to eat and drink everything in sight for a week.

Package deals are even better

If you book the same hotel online through Expedia you’ll get a total rate of around $800 per person, including the flight from New York City. Flights from other starting points might be a little more, or in some cases they are a little less, but the point is that when booked as a package you can get a week at an all-inclusive resort including all food, drinks, and activities, for only a little over $100 per day, including the flights there. This discount is like getting free flights and paying the normal room rate.

Negril is a budget hot spot

There are three main resort areas in western Jamaica. Montego Bay is where the airport is, and it’s the most expensive by a little bit, while Ocho Rios is a little to the east of Montego Bay and it’s a little cheaper than that one. However, Negril is only a little west and south of Montego Bay, and it offers the best prices of resort hotels in Jamaica.

Better still, it’s a short shuttle ride from the Montego Bay Airport, so you can get a cheap flight to the major air hub in the region, and then take a short ride to an even cheaper resort town.

Negril is a lively stretch of beach that goes on for miles, and it has everything from 2-star hotels to exclusive 4-star all-inclusive properties, so it’s a nice mix of styles. You don’t want to go to a resort town where almost all the resorts are cheap and falling apart, which is the case in some parts of Mexico, so Negril is a perfect compromise of low prices and a classy atmosphere close to every resort, even if you are saving money at one of the cheaper ones.

The Samsara Hotel is a popular place, and it’s partners with the similar and nearby Legends Beach Resort, both offering prices in the same range. One of the best things about that set up is that when you do the all-inclusive plans you get to use the facilities at both hotels for the price of one. Check your own dates and you’ll find that this is one of the best deals in all of the Caribbean.