Take advantage of summer bargains at Cancun all inclusives

Many people flock to such destinations as Orlando or New York City during July and August, but the savvy traveler heads to Cancun to take advantage of amazing rates and wonderful beach conditions. You can save anywhere from 30% to 70% on hotels that are already reasonably priced, mainly because so many people don’t realize that it’s a great time to visit.

There are about 40 all inclusive resorts in Cancun and during July and August you can get a room for two people at one of them for as low as US$126 per night, with many choices at or around US$160 per night. These are for 3 and 4-star resorts, not beachside motels, so it’s hard to imagine how the prices can be so low, but they can.

Summer in Cancun is still dry

Many people know that tropical countries, including most of Mexico, have a rainy season and a dry season instead of 4 traditional seasons, but not many people realize that Cancun’s rainy season doesn’t really start until the 2nd week of September. In other words, you won’t see much rain in July or August, and even when it does rain it tends to come quickly and leave behind wonderful sunsets.

And other people worry about hurricanes, but honestly Cancun is almost never in the path of hurricanes, and in the unlikely event that one is on the way you’ll be able to fly home several days before it arrives. Cancun has a huge and busy airport so there’s no trouble getting people in and out, especially during the slower summer season.

It’s hot, but you’ll be on the beach

Another reason that some people hesitate to go to Cancun and places like it during the summer months is that it’s too hot. But really, while the temperatures do get up there, you’ll usually have a nice sea breeze while you are outside, and all resorts have robust air conditioning.

Ironically some of these same people instead head to Orlando or New York City, and in those places it gets just as hot and you are outdoors in still humid air more of the time. In other words, in Cancun you are comfortable all the time, and if it does seem a bit hot or muggy you can just head back to your room until the sun goes down. In Orlando you’ll be baking in the heat with nowhere to go most of the time.

Cancun also offers culture

People who stay in all-inclusive resorts tend to want to just relax and enjoy the food and cocktails, but in Cancun you actually have some ruins and other interesting sights within an hour or two, so it’s cheap and easy to spend an afternoon on an interesting tour. If you go to a Caribbean island you’ll have few if any such options, and you’ll be paying much more for the flight and the room as well.