Why all-inclusive resorts are an even better deal than you realize

As the trend of all-inclusive resorts gets bigger and bigger, there are still plenty of people who’ve yet to vacation at one of these hotels, so it’s worth pointing out how fantastic the deals really are. Until you’ve stayed at one of these resorts yourself you might compare the price of a resort to the last vacation you took, but that’s not really the fair way to look at it.

Lower operating costs are passed along to guests

You might wonder how these deals in places like Cancun or the Dominican Republic can be so great, and the answer is that it’s relatively cheap to run a resort this way. In a traditional resort they have to stock a huge variety of food and drink options, and pay a lot of people to be cashiers and such. At an all-inclusive resort they can buy huge quantities of popular foods and drinks, and not bother with cashiers. Those savings go right to the guests.

It’s fun to live like a super rich person

Imagine last year you went to Miami Beach and spent $2,000 for two people for the week, or about US$300 per day. When you compare that price to an all-inclusive resort it’s not really fair because in Miami Beach you were having to turn down most things to keep costs down.

Think about it. You were at your hotel pool and a waitress came up and asked if you’d like some drinks. At $10 for a beer or $14 for a mojito, you’ll usually say no or just have one. But at an all-inclusive resort you can live like a billionaire and have everything your heart desires.

The same goes for food and nightlife and daytime activities. On your Miami Beach trip you’d have to do only a few things per day in order to keep your budget in line, but at an all-inclusive resort you can say yes to everything without fear. So yes, you might end up spending the same money, but you get a LOT more for it and you’ll have more fun without having to worry about your credit card bill at the end.

There are extras that make it even better

Most travelers don’t even like to look in the minibar because it always contains beers and soft drinks and snacks that are priced like the last of those items on earth, but at many, if not most, all-inclusive resorts, they stock the minibar with that stuff every day and it’s free or included.

Think about how nice it will be to come back from tanning at the beach and just open the minibar to grab a beer to cool down, without worrying that it costs as much as a case of beer back home?

Food, drinks, and entertainment is worth at least US$100 per person per day

One amazing thing is that all-inclusive resorts in Mexico start as low as US$120 per night for two people, and in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands they can be lower than US$200 per day. Well, if you are in a beach resort area it will be tough to spend less than US$100 per day per person, so a good rule of thumb is that the all-inclusive part is worth at least US$200 per day alone.

In other words, in some cases it’s like getting the room even cheaper than free, and in many other cases it’s like paying $20 to US$50 for a seaview room when you consider how much the full package is worth.