Winter holidays will be on sale in late August and September

These days everyone is looking for the best deal possible so we try to help with that cause whenever possible. Among the most common yet mysterious questions we get all the time is about the optimal time to buy a vacation package, and the answer is somewhat complicated. However, there’s one simple part to it that we’ll discuss below along with all the other tips to get the best price possible.

Buy early for peak season

One thing that is quite certain is that the best all-inclusive resorts will all be full starting the day after Christmas and going on until the first Sunday after New Years Day. The resorts know it and you know it, so you’ll usually get the best deal if you start looking early.

In some years when the economy is bad you’ll find that some resorts start discounting in November when they have too many rooms left empty, but the best resorts will be mostly full by that time so they just keep raising prices until all the rooms are gone. So if you want to go to the Caribbean or Hawaii in particular during this period, shop around now, and book soon.

Many things are on sale in August and September

A lesser known fact about the resort industry is that they have a few really dead weeks in the end of the summer, at least for new bookings, so many of them pick that time to offer the best sale prices of the year.

The best strategy is to check prices before this period begins and then check every couple of days starting in the middle of August. You’ll often see that a trip that is advertised for US$999 per person originally, suddenly drops down to US$859 per person in the second half of August.

Often these sale prices come and go but then they come back again so if you waited too long and the sale is over you might be able to get that same price again the following week.

Sale prices often appear only in the middle of the week

Another great secret that not many people realize is that hotels and airlines often have sales that start on Monday evening and are over by Wednesday evening. The reason for this is that most people tend to book leisure travel on the weekends so they can offer higher prices at those times and they will still fill up.

When they offer low rates during the week they will often get people who weren’t ready to book at $999 per week, but they will book right away for $859 per week. This way the resorts fill all of their rooms and still get high prices for most of them, and savvy midweek shoppers get the discounts.