19 Official Caribbean Beer Brands

Each part of The Caribbean has a different taste if you will, when it comes to the beer they produce and drink. Each island brews a beer that is unique to the region, which range from pale lagers to strong stouts. Each beer has a texture, taste and look that is controlled by the islands distinctive brewing method and even affected by the water they have available. There are a total of 19 “official” Caribbean beer varieties.

Amstel Bright

Amstel Bright is the official beer of Curacao. It uses desalinated ocean water from the Curacao coast to form a pale lager. It has a grainy smell, a bready taste and a slightly sweet finish.


Balashi is made in Aruba, and is the only beer, other than Amstel Bright, that uses desalinated Caribbean waters as a main ingredient. It combines the desalinated water with malt imported from Scotland and hops imported from Germany to make a one of a kind European pilsner. It is one of the few beers in the world that contains absolutely no artificial ingredients.

Banks Barbados

Banks has been made in St. Michael, Barbados, since the 1970s. The Banks Company is primarily known for its lager, but also makes milk stout and Tiger Malt. It is one of the few breweries in the Caribbean that makes a non-alcoholic lager in addition to its traditional beers.

Biere Lorraine

Biere Lorraine is a pale lager made on Martinique. It has a pale gold color with minimal white head. It is described as having a malty flavor with a bitter finish and a fresh herbal aroma.


Bucaners Beer is made in Cuba and has a dark gold coloring. Its aroma contains the strong smell of hops, but has a relatively light body and is very bitter to the palate. It is brewed with water drawn from the Holguin area.


Carib beer is the official beer of Trinidad and Tabago. It is a thick lager beer with a bright golden color. It is one of the oldest of the Caribbean beers, having been bottled since the 1950s, and was brewed from a centuries old British recipe. It is different from other Caribbean lager because it is fermented longer at cooler temperatures than most beers.


Caybrew is the most common brew variety made on the Cayman Islands. It is a very pale yellow lager, with a slightly metallic very grainy flavor. True beer connoisseurs may also notice in its flavor a hint of vanilla. It is extremely light bodied and has a crisp overall texture.

Corsaire Biere

Corsaire Biere is made on the island of Guadeloupe and has a bright gold coloration. It is described as having a grassy aroma and a mild citrus flavor. It is a medium bitter lager with a distinct herbal finish.


Hairoun beer is the national beer of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is a lager designed for refreshment with a 4.8 percent alcohol volume. It has been brewed since 1985 and is described having a smooth texture, with a crisp palate.


Kalik is the national beer of the Bahamas, and sales of Kalik make up over 50 percent of the total beer sales for that country. It is a golden lager and one of the strongest lagers available in the Caribbean islands, with seven percent alcohol by volume.


The official beer of Dominica is Kubuli. Kubuli is an amber colored lager, which has won a number of international awards. It is made with spring water from Dominica springs and a highly secretive blend of grains that mimics some of Germany’s most successful amber lagers. The beer’s name, which comes from local legend, means “Tall Is Her Body.”

Medalla Light

Medella light is made in Puerto Rico. It has a deep, straw-colored body, with a thin white head. It smells distinctly of malted barley and tastes of lemon, syrup and hops. It is more carbonated than many beers in its class, and so could be described as bubbly.


Piton is the nation beer of Saint Lucia and is brewed at Vieux Fort. It is a pilsner beer with five percent alcohol by volume. The recipe’s use of locally grown maize gives it an interesting and unique flavor. Its aroma is described as floral and hoppy. It is named for the Petit Piton Mountains near where it is brewed.


Presidente is the official beer of the Dominican Republic. It is one of the most exported Caribbean beers, and can commonly be found in America, parts of Europe, and in other Caribbean nations. It is a mid-bodied lager, best served chilled, which has 5 percent alcohol by volume.


Prestige is produced in Haiti and is a heavy beer with a dark brown color. Unlike many other beers, it is not available in a canned variety, instead being served only in glass bottles. It, like many commercialized beers, has a light malty taste, without many surprises.


Skol beer is the official beer of St. Kitts and Nevis and is the most popular beer brand in Brazil. It has extremely low alcohol content with only two percent alcohol per volume. It is a Pilsner beer with a pale yellow color and a light fruity flavor.

Turks Head

Turks Head is the national beer of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It is available in two varieties, a dark amber lager and a pale yellow lager. The pale lager has a lighter flavor and lower calorie content than the amber lager.

Virgin Islands Ale

Virgin Islands Ale is the recognized ale of the Virgin Islands and is produced by St. Johns Brewery. It is an American Lager with 4.5 percent alcohol by volume. It has a rich golden color, with a relatively thick, bright white head. It has a strong smell of mango, and a rich fruity flavor with a strong hops after-bite.


Wadadli is the official beer of Antigua. It is known for its American lager, which can be purchased either by the bottle, or on tap. It has 4.8 percent alcohol by volume and an extremely pale yellow color with a thick sudsy head. It has a toasted palate with an aroma similar to a pilsner.