August is the perfect time for a Caribbean all-inclusive vacation

As half of summer is over this is actually the perfect time to visit the Caribbean, and specifically one of its all-inclusive resorts. You actually get the most for your money because this is the lowest price month of the year, yet the weather is actually quite nice still.

There are some common misconceptions about the summer weather on the Caribbean islands so we’ll talk about the reality just below and then you’ll realize that this is why the smartest travelers visit this time of year.

August is hot, but still very comfortable

I recently saw a forum where someone asked if visiting the Caribbean in late summer is a good idea, and the first 4 comments said that it was, but for some reason one last person chimed in saying, “Don’t go in summer, it’s usually over 100 degrees then.” It almost made me cry to see something so stupid, especially if other people believe that person.

The reality is that on most islands there has never been a single 100F (37C) day recorded ever. Ever! So not only is it not usually over 100 degrees, it never is. My only guess is that someone visited in April and it got to 90F so they assumed the Caribbean was just like home where it keeps getting hotter until August. It doesn’t. The average temperature on most islands in summer is about 90F during the day, and the records are only a few degrees hotter. It’s hot, yes, and a bit humid, but you’ll be staying at a beach resort with cool breezes outdoors and air conditioning indoors.

Resort prices are the lowest of the whole year

Here’s how it typically works in for Caribbean bookings. Winter bookings take care of themselves, especially after it starts getting cold in the north. And people who think about going to the Caribbean for summer almost always book for June or July, so by the time August rolls around half the rooms are still empty.

You’ll get Europeans who take all of August off, so it’s a bit more crowded in islands like Aruba and Sint Martin that draw big European followings, but even those places have low prices and plenty of availabilily.

Last minute prices are even better

Keeping in mind the booking patterns mentioned above, if you wait until late July or early August you’ll find that some resorts are getting desperate to fill rooms, so they slash prices like crazy. It costs them almost as much to operate 25% full as it does completely full, so they’ll cut prices by over 50% in places like Jamaica or the Bahamas to keep them from losing even more by being empty.

You’ll have to choose from whichever places have the most rooms left open, but that doesn’t mean they are the worst places. In many cases you’ll have resorts that usually stay full that charge high prices but then find they have lots of open rooms so they slash rates with 2 or 3 weeks to go.