Luxurious 4-star Puerto Vallarta beach all-inclusive for US$279 per night for two

While some people might feel sad that the prime season for Mexican beach hotels is winding down, the good news is that the best deals are now here, even while the weather is still perfect down there. Right now you can book a big room at the Marriott CasaMagna Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa for US$279 per night on an all-inclusive basis for two people.

This may not sound like the best deal ever on the surface, but it’s important to note that this all-inclusive deal also includes unlimited alcohol in addition to the three meals per day and nearly all activities at the resort. For a couple who enjoys a few drinks per day on their vacation it’s pretty obvious that this price is quite appealing, considering this is at a lovely 4-star beach hotel in the middle of the action in Puerto Vallarta.

All-inclusive is optional here, which adds more choice

Many people like to go to resorts in groups or with extended families, and it’s obviously not ideal to pay for an all-inclusive resort that includes alcohol when many in your party don’t drink at all. The prices are higher and non-drinkers certainly don’t want to pay for it, so this resort is one that offers both options, making it ideal for many groups.

Let’s say two couples really enjoy some drinks and the nightlife, and another two couples would prefer a cheaper resort where they didn’t have to pay for drinks they weren’t going to drink anyway. At the Marriott CasaMagna Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa you can do both, and even have adjoining rooms in the process.

The same Garden Room that includes breakfast but not lunch or dinner or alcohol goes for only US$169 per night per couple. There are even promotional rates where the Garden Rooms are as cheap as US$97 per night including a US$50 resort credit, so each couple can choose exactly the plan that suits them best and everyone will be happy staying at the same place.

Perfect Puerto Vallarta location

The Marriott CasaMagna Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa is located in the heart of the Marina District, which is just north of the Puerto Vallarta Airport. This is the posh district that is filled with upscale hotels and fantastic restaurants and shops. You can save some money by staying in the center of the Old Town or in the Romantic Zone just to its south, but this is the most desirable location and it’s worth paying a bit more for.

The hotel is just across the street from a golf course, and it has tennis courts and many other facilities on the property that are included in the price.

Now that the high season is winding down, this is a fantastic deal before the rainy season kicks in later on.