St. Lucia all-inclusive flash deal at over 50% off: US$253 per night

Many of our regular readers have written in asking about flash deals to all-inclusive Caribbean resorts, and until now there haven’t been many. But here we are with a spectacular bargain for those who are ready to jump on it quickly. This is for a popular 3.5-star resort and spa on St. Lucia, offered at over 50% off for now.

Specifically we are talking about the Smugglers Cove Resort and Spa, which is a fully all-inclusive resort on a magnificent beach in St. Lucia. As many of you know, St. Lucia is more a mid range to high-end island, so anything near this price is going to be an excellent deal.

The Deal

A Garden View Room at the Smugglers Cove Resort and Spa with all inclusive for 2 people for US$253 per night. A Garden View Suite goes for US$275 and a Beachfront Room goes for US$365, so the best deals are for the garden rooms.

The Details

This deal is available through Expedia for a short time. It includes free cancellation and there is no minimum stay required to get it, but of course availability is limited.

The Suites are the bargain here

The normal Garden View Rooms here are nice, but they are only 288 square feet, which is a typical size for a hotel room in a resort. They come with satellite TV and even free wireless internet, but the best deal here is the Garden View Suites. For only $22 more per night you get a room that at 468 square feet is almost twice as big.

The suites include a separate living room, which is really a nice feature when a couple is spending more than a couple nights in a resort hotel. When one person can nap on the bed while the other person watches TV or goofs around on the internet in the living room, it makes all the time the couple spends together even more special.

A good chance for a free upgrade

Obviously we can’t guarantee anything, but I’ve written about this before and this is a prime situation where a free upgrade to a beachfront room seems possible. The reason for this is that the garden rooms are so much cheaper that it’s likely most people will book them. If they have 100 beach front and 100 garden view, they might sell out the garden views when they still have 70 of the beachfront rooms.

So what happens then is a resort will continue to sell the garden rooms up until the point that every room in the hotel is full. So when you get there they might have 140 people booked in garden rooms and only 40 booked in beachfront rooms. Now, in a case like that a resort will often just fill up the beach rooms because those guests with upgrades are more likely to give good reviews, so as many as 60 couples could be upgraded for free. You might get unlucky, or you might get lucky, so it’s worth a shot.