The best all-inclusive deals this summer are in Mexico

One question that many of our readers are most concerned with is where do they get the best all-inclusive deal this summer? The answer is definitely Mexico, for a variety of reasons, and a lot of them are based on misconceptions that we’ll discuss below.

If you are in the eastern US or Canada you should think about Cancun or Cozumel, while those in the west should be looking at Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and Ixtapa. You can often find rates starting around US$150 per night for two people on an all-inclusive basis, and this is at 3.5-star and above resorts right on the beach. At this price you might think you’d get broken down furniture and only a ceiling fan, but pretty much all of these places are new, with air conditioning, balconies, and even minibars in each room, filled with free beers and wine.

But isn’t Mexico dangerous?

It’s true that the past few years have been dangerous in the border regions plus a few interior areas, but almost no problems have occurred anywhere near resort areas. The drug gangs are targeting each other, and not tourism, so it’s like avoiding Orlando because there were some shootings in Detroit. Sadly, there is such a misperception that “Mexico is dangerous” that it’s keeping many visitors away, and that means the deals are even better.

Isn’t the summer the rainy season in Mexico?

In the extreme south of Mexico near Belize and Guatemala you do get a proper rainy season that isn’t ideal for a beach holiday, but where all the better resorts are it probably rains less in summer than where you live now. Better still, if it does rain it’s usually over in 30 minutes, leaving behind a beautiful sunset because it’s almost always in the late afternoon.

Are there good deals on flights?

This might be the best part of the whole thing. If you go to, say, Antigua or Aruba, chances are you’ll pay more per night for your hotel and you’ll pay a lot for your flights as well. In Mexico, the flights are almost always cheaper and easier to get.

In Cancun alone there are nonstop flights from almost everywhere in the region, even during summer. You can get from, say, Chicago or New York to Cancun for only about US$250 round trip, and then get an all-inclusive room for only around US$150 per night, even for a short stay. At these prices you can afford to go for only a 3-day weekend, but once you get there you won’t want to leave so it’s better to book at least a week. At many resorts you get a big discount for staying 4 nights or more, often with as many as two nights free if you stay a week. For that reason it costs only a bit more for a week than 3 days, so look around and you’ll find a great bargain for sure.